About Badbirds

Pushing the limits of what’s possible.


A sky-high drive

We go bigger every time.

Badbirds is a creative production company working on a global scale. We produce a wide range of branded video content, livestreams, unique social videos and documentaries. We seek opportunities and are full of energy when it comes to presenting cool ideas in videography, combining high-end technology with a contemporary and daring aesthetic.

Rooted in the music industry, we deliver creative video productions all over the world. To show the other side of the coin, we push the limits of what is possible and what has never been done before. Resulting in content that leaves you inspired and makes you question your comfort zone.

Big crowds don’t scare us; we are experienced and ambitious. In times when everyone can be a content creator, we distinguish ourselves with technical proficiency, next level concepts and take advantage of growing up in the digital era. Together we create, we immerse and we expand our global network. At Badbirds we believe that your drive can take you anywhere. Let’s build some new experiences together, are you ready?

10 countries active

Boundless and ready to explore, our clients come from all over the world and therefore we travel with them.

5+ years experience

In the rapidly changing media landscape of today, we challenge ourselves with innovative formats and creative concepts.

15+ experts

The Birds are a collective of like-minded folks with different backgrounds to deliver a fresh view on video productions.