Amazon Prime Video: Borat


How to host a movie premiere during a global pandemic? Together with Amazon Prime Video and GoSpooky we organized the ‘Watch Party’, an ideal way to stimulate the collective experience and interact with each other with livestream. Hosted on Twitch, the influencers were filmed while watching the film and subscribers of Amazon Prime could join both the film and the Watch Party. In this way a shared experience was born.

The influencers were invited to watch Borat at a completely transformed PLLEK Amsterdam. Entirely in the style of the film, with inflatable Donald Trump figures, popcorn, hay stacks and sheep.

During the film we did a variety of activities to highlight elements of the film. For example, a quiz, the ’try not to laugh challenge’, where the guests keep water in their mouth and try not to laugh. We surprised the influencers with some Kazakhstan food and as cherry on the cake, we introduced them to Coco the (real life) goat that walked in the set during the film.

This project shows our ability to produce a qualitative livestream in an intimate set up, that is perfect for a variety of social channels such as Twitch.


Amazon Prime Video: Borat


GoSpooky / Amazon Prime Video

What we did

Concept, Livestream, Video production

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