KNVB: National Football Day


A day full of social and sporty activities for 500+ football clubs in The Netherlands. During the National Football Day thousands of fanatical football players joined the edition in collaboration with the KNVB & Oranje Fonds. Together, these organizations strengthen the social side of society. This time they brought together the elderly, asylum seekers & different neighborhoods. A day that highlights the great social value of football associations.

Together with Liebe Leute, we produced a short aftermovie that captured the essence of this day. Playing football, making new friendships, and most of all: having fun. Everyone was welcome, members and friends, the youngsters and the elderly.

The result is a recap that makes you smile and want to join the next edition for sure!


KNVB: National Football Day


Liebe Leute, / KNVB

What we did

Aftermovie, Brand partnership, Post-production, Promo video, Video production


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