Eurovision Village: Duncan Laurence


With his song ‘Arcade’, Duncan Laurence enchanted our hearts. In 2021 his achievement returned the Eurovision Song Contest back to The Netherlands after more than 40 years. Back to the place where it all started for Duncan: Rotterdam. We returned to the Maassilo, the venue where he produced his winning song.

Rotterdam, known for its diversity and rawness, has its own unique character that we captured together with TWOFIFTYK. Laurence, born in Spijkenisse, used to travel all the way from Tilburg to Rotterdam for school.

We filmed a personal portrait of his travel to the Maassilo. The creative hub and performance venue serves as the cradle of his musical exploration and his personal sound. Followed by a live and intimate performance of four of his songs.

The performance got broadcasted on Eurovision Village, a virtual festival that translated the city of Rotterdam for the occasion. Also watch our other production for Eurovision Village with Afrojack on the Hef bridge.


Eurovision Village: Duncan Laurence



What we did

Aerial, Concept, Livestream, Post-production, Promo video, Video production


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