Fresh ’n Rebel: Clam Elite


A headphone that is fully optimized to your individual and unique sense of hearing – that’s the Fresh ’n Rebel Clam Elite. With their Custom Sound Design, users take a 3-minute hearing calibration test through the Fresh ’n Rebel Personal Sound-app. During this test, tones at all frequencies are played at different volume levels. Based on which tones are audible and not audible for you, a personal profile is created – resulting in the perfect sound for you.

We created an instruction video that shows all the benefits of the headphones for each unique individual. In a fun and fast-paced way, the viewer gets guided through the steps of using the Clam Elite headphones. We collaborated with three different dancers to show that no matter who you are or how you consume music, you can enjoy the personal sound provided by Fresh ’n Rebel.


Fresh ’n Rebel: Clam Elite


Fresh ’n Rebel

What we did

Concept, Post-production, Promo video, Social advertising, Video production

Behind the scenes

Shot by Ivet Torra Serra

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