Insight TV: People of Tomorrowland


Everyone has a story to tell. Every story deserves to be heard. From Korea to India and from Japan to Israel, millions of people are connected via the universal language of music. Once a year they get together at the biggest music festival in the world. In large numbers, they follow their favorite artist, band or community all over the world. All in search for love, solidarity and the perfect beat. Whether they celebrate life with all their friends or just want to forget about life at home: this is a portrait of people who dare to go against the grain, a portrait of the People of Tomorrowland. In a series of fifteen vibrant shorts we get a glimpse of the life of these strangers.

Showing themes such as family, adoration, self-esteem, abuse and loss. From the crowd to the individual, there is much more than meets the eye. It shows us that even the biggest contradictions such as freedom and war reunite at the festival.
To make sense of life is to feel connected, a feeling of belonging somewhere. Some do it via meaningful tattoos, others by actually getting married at the festival. Providing a safe place that goes far beyond nationality and flags. A selection of colorful and unique personalities, a celebration of life that can be bittersweet but above all: full of love.


People of Tomorrowland


Insight TV / Tomorrowland

What we did

Brand partnership, Documentary, Post-production, Storytelling, Video production


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