KPN: Johan Cruijff ArenA


Did you ever think about all the data-streams in a stadium while you were cheering for your favorite football-team? In fact there is an impressive 5G-network of sensors and scanners, to make sure you have the best experience. As one of the biggest telecommunication companies of the Netherlands, KPN provided the technology for the Johan Cruijf ArenA.

The ArenA was the first stadium in Europe with a roof, and that entailed some complications. Such as, the lack of sun, rain and air for the growth of healthy turf.

Thanks to the smart Internet-of-things applications, KPN delivered an innovative solution.

In collaboration with OK GO, we provided KPN with a corporate video to showcase that the Johan Cruijf ArenA is much more than just a football stadium. We learn what challenges this imposing location is facing and how innovative and technological solutions and contribute to a healthy flow. Interested? Go checkout this mini-docu!


KPN: Johan Cruijff ArenA



What we did

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